Thursday, February 6, 2020

What Does It Mean to Be a Member of Your Generation Essay

What Does It Mean to Be a Member of Your Generation - Essay Example According to Nouwen (26- 28), this generation lacks warmth and trust. Also, this generation will be known for its inwardness, fatherlessness, and convulsiveness by its successors. Too many social triggers stirring instability, religions, dominating figures from media, politics, religion, and society, have made this generation face emotional uncertainty. This confusion makes us, the millennials, withdraw from our social bonds and relations and look out for self-sufficiency. This is precisely the reason why single parents and individuals not looking for serious and legitimate relationships are more common as compared to an earlier generation. It can be seen that this self-centered attitude has made this generation more materialistic that focuses on meeting imminent personal needs only. Also, this need to have self-sufficient support has given rise to a generation that is demanding of its employers the way our predecessors used to be of their caregivers. They only attempt to stay in emp loyment where they are valued and praised by their employers and lack of this amicable relationship makes them look for alternative employment more rapidly as compared to earlier generations. This attitude is also another indication of social restlessness. Another major trait of this generation will be a rejection of the legitimate authority of social key figures as well as institutions. Being a member of this generation makes one more cynical towards social phenomenon and susceptible towards peer pressure. This generation faces anxiety in the pursuit of meeting social standards set by superficial criteria like compliance to current fashion trends and technological advancements. This pre-occupancy with temporary and always changing social criteria has made this generation more susceptible to seeking refuge in the virtual world and shunning regular social contact.

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