Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Necessary and possible Essay Example for Free

Necessary and possible Essay Among the countless present that God endowed to men, the gift of life is the most superb of all. Everything around here on Earth is alive, and so it is our task to take good care of this grant. Reflecting on this idea, each of us must act in a way that propagates it, thus making a better world. And so the question stand still, how can we make a better world? Among the many individuals who has answers are Seyyed Hossein Nasr, he recommend two action steps first â€Å"the interiorization of ecological values† second â€Å"to reflect in what I write and what I say the significance of seeing nature as the domain of the sacred. † (1990). He refers on the importance of the environment in sustaining life, which is indeed true because we get all our needs from it in order to survive. Audrey Shenandoah also laid her answers. â€Å"It has to begin with every individual†, (1990). We should learn to give thanks on everything that we have as well as anything that are given to us. Being responsible to manage our life accordingly will result to better lives. On the other hand, Ronald Engel had another answer to the question, â€Å"making new covenant† (1990). We should exercise democracy n everything around us. Sallie Mcfague reply that â€Å"a basic metanoia, repentance, a turning around. Be submissive to Gods will is what she exemplified, furthermore He has plans for each life He create. Trusting and doing what pleases him is the central key in every aspect of our existence. Ismar Schorsch has his own response to the question. â€Å"It is necessary to have a little less self-indulgence. † (1990), we should not have inferiority towards our self for us to be able to move on and have a good living. The Dalai Lama views that, â€Å"We need a certain discipline, contentment, awareness and what I call a sense of responsibility. † (1990). While Rockefeller relates religion in his answer, â€Å"It is necessary and possible to develop ethic of sustainability that will be accepted by all the different religious traditions and by many different cultures of the world† (1990). As a whole, every creature are part of our nature, thus it should start from our self through serving as an example to others and this eventually will lead us to a better world.

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