Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Golda Meir Quotes - Prime Minister of Israel

Golda Meir Quotes - Prime Minister of Israel Golda Meir, born in Kiev, Russia, became the fourth prime minister of Israel. Golda Meir and her husband emigrated from the United States to Palestine, as Zionists. When Israel won independence, Golda Meir was the only woman appointed to the first cabinet. Golda Meir had retired from public life when she was called on to lead the Labor Party. Golda Meir became prime minister when the party prevailed, serving from 1969 to 1974. Selected Golda Meir Quotations At work, you think of the children youve left at home. At home, you think of the work youve left unfinished. Such a struggle is unleashed within yourself, your heart is rent.I can honestly say that I was never affected by the question of the success of an undertaking. If I felt it was the right thing to do, I was for it regardless of the possible outcome.We have always said that in our war with the Arabs we had a secret weapon - no alternative. 1969The Egyptians could run to Egypt, the Syrians into Syria. The only place we could run was into the sea, and before we did that we might as well fight. 1969It is true we have won all our wars, but we have paid for them. We dont want victories anymore.It’s no accident many accuse me of conducting public affairs with my heart instead of my head. Well, what if I do? †¦ Those who don’t know how to weep with their whole heart don’t know how to laugh either. ​1973Let me tell you something that we Israelis have ag ainst Moses. He took us 40 years through the desert in order to bring us to the one spot in the Middle East that has no oil! 1973 We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.To be or not to be is not a question of compromise. Either you be or you dont be. 1974A leader who doesnt hesitate before he sends his nation into battle is not fit to be a leader.I never did anything alone. Whatever was accomplished in this country was accomplished collectively. 1977Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.Dont be so humble, you arent that great.

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